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2018 Impact Report

Dear friend,

Eleven-year-old Mike was missing school. The reason is hard to swallow. You see, living in a small village in the  Philippines, Mike did not have access to clean drinking water and as a result, he was having terrible bouts of diarrhoea.

But that’s not where the story ends. Thankfully, people like you invested in Mike’s village, providing a BioSand Filter system that converts groundwater to clean and safe drinking water.

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You can demonstrate God’s love today, by making a generous donation to meet the needs of children like Mike. Give a tax deductible* gift by 30 June to make your life-saving donation.

For a child like Mike, who lost a sibling to the devastating effects of water-borne disease, your gift will provide hope that is sustained over time to whole communities.

In the 2018 Impact Report, we celebrate many of the Samaritan’s Purse successful projects that you have helped make possible. This includes Operation Christmas Child and The Greatest Journey, that have evangelised and discipled over four million children around the world in the past year alone. What a great testament to the fact that your generosity is reaping a harvest.

Will you help bring hope to the needs of God’s children?

Whether it’s through timely emergency relief for families in crisis, or for children like Mike who have urgent needs to be met. You can give today to feed the hungry, treat the sick, and demonstrate the love of God to those in need. Simply click below to donate.



We praise the Lord for all that He has already done, and we thank you for your faithful prayers, generous gifts, and tireless service. May God richly bless you.




Dave Ingram
Executive Director
Samaritan’s Purse Australia and New Zealand

P.S. You can give a tax-deductible* gift before 30 June to reach the needs of children like Mike.

*All donations of $2 or more given to Samaritan’s Purse are tax-deductible for Australian taxpayers only.
All donations to Operation Christmas Child and are not tax-deductible.