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Every 90 Seconds a Child Dies from a Water-Related Illness

Worldwide, as so many organisations have worked hard to make clean, safe water available to children in developing nations, the mortality figures have dropped from one child dying every 20 seconds, to one child dying every 90 seconds. That is a great improvement—but it is still a truly chilling, and frightening statistic.

Myanmar is one of the countries where access to clean water is a serious problem. Samaritan’s Purse supporters like you have provided more than 3000 families in that country with BioSand water filters, which provide safe drinking water using very robust, minimal maintenance technology. The program also includes basic health and hygiene training and monitoring by our staff to make sure all the families are using the water filters correctly.

Little Book spread - Myanmar story2How a BioSand Water Filter works

U Pla Say is a mother with six family members. She had an old tube well that provided unsafe drinking water. This meant a tough 30-minute walk, carrying heavy water cans, to provide water for her household. U Pla Say is now very happy that she can pour the water from her old tube well into the BioSand filter, and it comes out safe to drink. She told us, “Because of this filter we are healthy and have more time for family and work. Thank you!”

Thank you for supporting our Turn on the Tap March Appeal. You are changing lives!

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