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Apply for a Site Management Team

Before applying to join a Samaritan’s Purse Site Management Team, please complete a Volunteer Registration form.

Site Management Teams provide leadership and support to volunteer teams serving on the front line with homeowners. In the event of a disaster, Site Management Team members are contacted to determine availability to deploy. Team members deploy for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Successful applicants are required to attend a 1 day training workshop and undergo a police check before being added to our database.

  • (Provided via email when you pre-registered as a volunteer)
  • If married, please list your spouse’s name. Please note: If your spouse would like to serve on the SMT he/she must complete their own application.
  • Testimony & Experience

  • Position

  • References

  • Reference 1:
  • Reference 2:
  • Reference 3:
  • Deployment Availability

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