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Ger Churches Growth in Mongolia

“We are very grateful that Samaritan’s Purse Australia is thinking and praying for us here in Mongolia. Thank you for your gift from a ministry partner that brought us this new Ger church.”

This generous donation is being used to supply a Ger church to the small town of Chuluut in the Arkhangai province. This town has had a group of believers for the past two years meeting in their home’s, this has become a problem as there are now on average 45 believers and not enough room for them all in the ger home. Hoiga (one of our parnters on the ground) preached in the new Ger church and prayed for the town, believers and the pastor. Thank you for the Ger church we promise to use it for church purposes; Sunday services, kids church, bible study group, morning prayers and Christian fellowship.

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