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It takes very little to change literacy levels

education donate buttonTwo years ago, we came upon a large group of children and two teachers holding class in a three-sided, dilapidated rice barn in Poay Angkor village, Cambodia. Their school building had been evacuated months earlier because it was falling down. Not surprisingly, the literacy level of the students was a mere 14%.

Old School in CambodiaKids in Poay Angkor village, Cambodia, holding class in a dilapidated rice barn.

With the partnership of people like you, we built them a beautiful new school with a library/computer lab—computers were previously unknown in this remote rural village—introduced new teaching methods, up-skilled teachers, and donated school resources.

These bright little kids embraced the new learning methods and their literacy level has since soared to 100%!

Just a few weeks ago, we visited a fabulous new building at Bos Thom School where a group of derelict barns with cracked earth floors and broken wooden walls were replaced and here too, we introduced new teaching methods, a library, and computer technology for children to rapidly expand their skills.

New School in CambodiaThe new Poay Angkor school building built by Samaritan’s Purse.

Literacy and numeracy rates have also sky-rocketed here but a new, urgent problem has arisen. The desperately poor community not only sent more children to school, but also sent 44 pre-school-aged children along to the school. The principal had no other viable option but to start up a pre-school class using a part of one of the old broken-down wooden barns. The kids cannot sit on the floor because insects come out of the cracked earth and bite them so instead, they perch precariously at the old desks previously used by bigger kids. We were also told that snakes and rats come through the broken walls and crawl across the classroom floor. The unsuitability and risks associated with this classroom is totally unacceptable.

We urgently need to build a pre-school and upskill teachers to look after these precious children.

It’s not only in Cambodia that we build pre-schools and upskill teachers. Four months ago, we started a program to rebuild a large number of pre-schools that were destroyed by Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu in April last year.

It doesn’t stop there—when we deployed to the Cyclone Winston disaster-affected area in Fiji last month, we identified an urgent need to rebuild pre-schools that have been destroyed there too.School Kids in Cambodia

Besides health and basic nutrition, the best way to help a child escape the cycle of poverty is to give him or her a decent education, which will open up opportunities for a productive life.

Please reach out with us to these children by sending your tax deductible donation as the financial year end approaches.

God bless you





Jorge Rodrigues
Executive Director
Samaritan’s Purse Australia/New Zealand

There are so many kids in so many other schools who need this kind of help, not only in Cambodia but in many other countries. Please give them a hand up in life today.

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