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Our Passion for Education

It’s well known that a sound education is one of the most important ways to enable a child to escape the cycle of poverty in rural areas of the developing world. According to the United Nations Global Education First Initiative (GEFI):

  • Universal basic reading skills would reduce world poverty by 12%;
  • If all women completed primary education, one million child deaths could be avoided;
  • If all girls received secondary education, child marriage would fall by 64%;
  • For every year in school, a person’s earnings increase by 10%;
  • If a country’s entire population is educated for one extra year, its annual per capita GDP growth gets a 25% boost from 2% to 2.5%.

These statistics are significant not only because they can change a child’s life; they can also have a positive impact on the wellbeing of families and entire nations. This is why Samaritan’s Purse is passionate about providing and improving education around the world.

In some of the countries we work in, the literacy rates are abysmally low among school children and adults. A recent survey conducted by Samaritan’s Purse field staff indicated that the literacy rate for children in Year 1 and 2 in rural Cambodian schools is only 14%. At three of these schools, Samaritan’s Purse piloted a program to provide each with school buildings, teaching resources, and a library with computer tablets. It also upskilled the teachers.

Within six months, the literacy rates at these three schools jumped to 67%. As a result of this huge improvement, children in these primary schools will be able to progress to middle school, a dream many of them had never thought possible.

In Cambodia, at the current exchange rate it only costs us approximately A$150,000 to build a school with resources. If we each share a small portion of the cost, we will soon be building more schools. Will you help us today?

When a new school is built, complete with a library and a school playground, as well as providing resources and teacher training, over 200 children’s lives are changed. 

The tax year is almost over. If you have not already given towards our Education Appeal, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to consider making a tax-deductible donation to give these kids a future free from poverty.

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Jorge Rodrigues
Executive Director
Samaritan’s Purse Australia/New Zealand