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The amazing story of Poay Angkor!

Two years ago, we came upon a large group of children and two teachers holding class in a dilapidated, three-sided rice barn in Poay Angkor village, Cambodia. Their school building had been evacuated months earlier because it was falling down.

Samaritan’s Purse conducted a literacy assessment of Year 1 and 2 students in three target schools and we discovered that the problem wasn’t merely access to education in a safe building, but also that the teachers were unskilled, and the literacy level of the students was a mere 14% of the grade standard.

Old Poay Angkor schoolKids in Poay Angkor village, Cambodia, holding class in a dilapidated rice barn.

Poay Angkor was selected as one of the schools to test the premise that good facilities + up-skilled teachers + advanced teaching techniques = excellent academic outcomes. We built Poay Angkor a beautiful new school with a library/computer lab, introduced new teaching methods, up-skilled teachers, and donated school resources.

The bright little kids of Poay Angkor embraced their new school and improved learning methods—and their literacy level has since soared to 100%!

Students using TabletsKids in a new school with teaching resources now have literacy rates of 100%

One of those kids is Srey Ten, a nine-year-old girl in Year 2. She said, “Before, there was no nice school building or fun [literacy and numeracy] games to play in class. I love school now! I want to go all the way to Year 12 and then attend university and become a teacher.”

Mrs Suos Tut, a member of the School Support Committee for Poay Angkor school said, “My dream is to see children in our village access quality education and get better jobs in the future so they can come back to help their families and develop our community. My son is grown up now and cannot read, write or get a good job. How happy I would be if he was at school now and learning to read. I don’t want to see other kids face his situation. I share my story everywhere and tell people that nothing is worth more than a child’s education.”

Students using Tablets3Computers and tablets are helping students learn

There are many schools just like Poay Angkor that are in desperate need of assistance, and we are seeking meaningful partnerships with Australian schools to help us build new schools and up-skill teachers throughout Cambodia.

Poay Angkor School kidsSchool children in Cambodia

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