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The Impact of education on a child in Cambodia

Sokha (not her real name) is six years old and is in Grade 1 of Kauk Prech primary school. Sokha and her older brother are studying in Kauk Prech together. They live with their grandparents as their parents have migrated to Thailand for employment.

Sokha says ‘’my parents always encourage me and my brother to study hard and obey our grandparents. They want me to get educated and have a better future. They always tell me that they don’t want to see me end up like them [struggling to make ends meet]. I did not study well for the first few months because there was no one at home to help me with my studies and I did not have enough learning materials.’’

Since Samaritan’s Purse started its education projects in Kauk Prech, project staff invited Sokha’s grandparents to attend the sessions on importance of education and parenting skills. Sokha’s grandparents now understand the significance of their grandchild’s education and they have pledged to provide good care and support to their grandchild’s education.

“I joined several meetings organised by Samaritan’s Purse and have understood that I should allow my granddaughter to go to school regularly because I want her to have a bright future. My husband and I decided not to ask our granddaughter to work in the rice field; instead we will do it ourselves. I understand that she [Sokha] is still young and needs more time to study’’ says Sokha’s grandmother.

Sitting in the library and reading a book, Sokha smiles and says “now I score well and am often praised by my teacher and friends. I am one among the top four performing students in my class. I am good at Khmer literacy [reading and writing] because I have enough time to study and there are lots of reading toolkits available in the library.”

“Earlier, I did not like reading books as they had lots of text and were are not attractive for reading. Now, my friends and I enjoy reading because Samaritan’s Purse provided lots of educational games, Total Reading Approach for Children toolkits, numeracy toolkits, story books and tablets with downloaded literacy software in my school. I like to learn through reading toolkits and tablets very much because I can play and learn at the same time. Through tablets and reading toolkits I recognized that my reading ability is better than before. Now I know alphabets, vowels, how to spell and read at my grade level very well. I, sometime, borrow story books to read at home. My grandparents are happy with my school performance and my parents are happy too when they know I am doing well at school.’’

“I want to be an outstanding student in Kauk Prech. When I grow up I want to be a teacher so that I can help people in my village to get educated and have better jobs rather than migrating to Thailand for employment like my parents. Thanks to Samaritan’s Purse staff and teachers who always encourage me to study hard and tell my grandparents to allow me to go to school and follow-up with me regularly.’’ Sokha added.

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