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Unexpected Gift



On December 26, 2014, something unexpected and wonderful happened to the Kulemba family of Malawi.

That day their 12-year-old daughter Angella received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift from the local church.

The pens, pencils, eraser, notebook, and ruler she received blessed her Muslim family. Angella needed these items for school, but her parents could not afford them.

“It was a great relief to the family,” said Angella’s mother Dorothy.

The flashlight inside the girl’s box also meant a lot, but it was only a shadow of the Light they received from The Greatest Gift.

“When I read the book, it proved to me that truly God is there,” Angella said. “That encouraged me to start going to church. I started going alone because I thought my family may not be convinced and accept Christianity.”

The truths she learned at church began to change her. Angella said: “As I went to church and learned about the Bible, I was being transformed by the verses we learned. I felt sweet in my heart because I was filled with the Word of God. It surprised me in my heart to find out that Christianity is good and that God is present and real.”

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