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URGENT– Help Stop Closure of Literacy Programs in Cambodia

After baseline surveys of primary aged children in rural Cambodian villages, we found an average literacy rate of 14% amongst Grade 1 and 2 students in 2014. After the introduction of a multi-faceted literacy program, ‘We Can Read, We Can Write’, which includes computer tablets, literacy boardgames, and library books, the literacy rate jumped to 67% after one year. This result is fantastic, but we are aiming to get these children up to 100%. We are also very keen to expand this program from the first three villages in 2014 to 11 schools in 2017.

Unfortunately, the funding given to us for this program for the last two years has abruptly dried up due to unforeseen circumstances. We are now faced with the prospect of closing this program down as well as an associated program called ‘Better Teachers, Better Education’ in the same schools, which seeks to upskill teachers, most of whom have scant formal training of any type.

A good basic education is essential to enable children in remote villages to escape the dire cycle of poverty that they are trapped in.

According to the United Nations Global Education First Initiative (GEFI); for every year in school, a person’s earnings increase by 10%, and if a country’s entire population is educated for an entire extra year, its annual per capita GDP growth gets a 25% boost. The report also mentions that universal basic reading skills would reduce world poverty by 12%. This is a macro view of the problem and the solution, but the following story bring it down to the impact on a single child in a Cambodian village.

Click here to read a story of how education can impact a child.

You can also watch a compelling three-minute video below of our education intervention in Cambodia.

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Jorge Rodrigues
Executive Director
Samaritan’s Purse Australia/New Zealand