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Education & Vocational Training

774 million adults still cannot read or write and two-thirds of them are women (UIS, 2013).

Educating children is a powerful weapon against poverty. A quality education can lift marginalised children out of poverty in a single generation, equipping them to support themselves and their future families.

Samaritan’s Purse works with partners around the world to provide boys and girls with basic educational opportunities, believing all children should have access to quality education and the hope of a future free from poverty. Our educational projects help communities build schools, develop skilled teachers and purchase supplies.


What We Provide

School Buildings

Samaritan’s Purse gives kids access to quality education and the hope of a future free from poverty by building schools and funding programs that provide resources and facilities including desks, chalkboards, pens, pencils and textbooks, so that a poor student can gain a quality education.

Access to Education

Samaritan’s Purse funds programs that address the issues that prevent kids from getting an education. Poor families may need their kids to work instead of attend school, there may be no way of getting to school, education in communities may be regarded as a low priority or the prevalence of trafficking and illegal migration in a community may make parents reluctant to send their kids to school. We provide solutions like helping families with livelihoods that generate income, providing bicycles so that poor students can get to school, teaching the importance of education to communities and educating families and communities on safe migration and protection from human trafficking.

Quality of Education

Samaritan’s Purse is working to increase the quality of education in poor countries where teachers often have no formal training, no income, no school curriculum and no resources. Samaritan’s Purse provides training, works alongside local governments to produce a standard curriculum and empowers teachers with the skills to impact hundreds of young people.

Vocational Training

With little or no education and no job skills, many young people face a future of begging, scavenging, or exploitation of the worst kind. Samaritan’s Purse reaches out to these young people, providing the training and resources for sewing, food service, construction, auto mechanics, and other productive livelihoods so that they can earn a living and build a future.