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Your Support for the Red River School Changes Lives

In 2006, Samaritan’s Purse Vietnam began the Red River School project in Hanoi. It was for the migrant people living on rafts in the Red River next to one of the city’s poorest areas. These people are generally illiterate manual workers and fishermen.

red-river3-725x802Because of their nomadic and insecure lifestyle, most of the children who live on the river are not legally able to register in the formal school system and their schooling is often disrupted, if they go at all. But over the past five years, the Red River School Project has allowed these children flexibility in attending school and they are receiving a formal education that will equip them to break free of this cycle of poverty!

The school currently has over 30 children, and even some young adults, who are motivated to complete their formal education. In 2009, 78% of attendees successfully qualified to move onto the next school year!

red-river4-725x977Huong Le, Assistant Director of the Red River School, recently commented:

“Many of our students here have only one parent because of divorce, and many of the parents aren’t aware of the importance of getting an education. But receiving proper schooling is so important because these children will gain the knowledge to live on their own and support their families.

If Samaritan’s Purse didn’t support this work, many of these students would never be able to afford an education. I am so moved that these students have a chance to break out of such a hard life. Thank you, Samaritan’s Purse!”

Thank you for helping make such an incredible difference in so many lives in Vietnam.